Gordon Ramsay faces Twitter backlash for promoting £19 ‘Full English’ at Savoy Grill

Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay provoked the ire of his Twitter followers this weekend, after promoting a “Full English” breakfast at one of his restaurants – a fry-up which followers quickly realised was priced at a hefty £19.

The fairly slender breakfast – a short video of which was tweeted by Ramsay yesterday – will be on sale at the Savoy Grill restaurant when it reopens on September 21.

Ramsay captioned the video with the phrase “the most amazing Full English”, along with details of the restaurant’s reopening, but some followers were less than impressed.

One asked “Where’s the rest of it?”, while another said: “Jeepers, you can get that (and way better) at any caff in London. Certainly no need to pay for it at the bloody Savoy, dearie.”

The video shows a dish plated with one sausage, half a grilled tomato, one Portobello mushroom, a few rashers of streaky bacon, two fried eggs and some unidentified salad leaves, along with a portion of baked beans served in a gravy boat on the side.

Many fry-up fans took to Twitter to show Ramsay what a “proper” Full English looked like. To be found at Ramsay’s restaurant at the Savoy hotel in London, the meal is described on the menu as a “quintessentially British breakfast”.

If diners wish to beef out their breakfast portion, extra portions of sausage, egg or black pudding are priced at an astonishing £5 per piece. Toast comes in at £1 a slice. One Twitter user joked that Ramsay’s hash browns were “missing, presumed dead.”

Ramsay isn’t the only chef serving pricey fry-ups in London: at still-closed The Biltmore, Jason Atherton – long ago a protégé of Ramsay – prices his Full English at £25.